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What is 411PAIN ? We know an auto accident can change your life dramatically within seconds, leaving you hurt and confused. You may be experiencing pain and feel as though you are not able to work. Your bills and daily responsibilities, however, must still be carried out. Even the simplest task can become difficult to complete when you are in pain. If your car is damaged or possibly totaled, it may be impossible for you to get around.

Tallahassee, Florida, alone is responsible for thousands of auto accidents per year. These car accidents result in thousands of people being injured and a steadily growing number of fatalities. There were also six pedestrians killed by car accidents that year. 411 Pain will assist you with your next move. Over 15 years of experience, we will be able to guide you every step of the way. If you are injured in an auto accident , you may be entitled to significant personal injury protection benefits and lost wages.


Accidents between cars and bicycles are among the most dangerous. The great discrepancy in speed, mass and size between the two types of vehicles can make an impact more severe and much more likely to be fatal. Even if you wear a safety helmet, your life can be in great danger. Sadly, young children are often among the most vulnerable of victims.


Many drivers do not pay sufficient attention to bicyclists and fail to watch for people riding bicycles. This can occur when the driver is driving and trying to text message, eat, talk, or in any number of situations where their attention is distracted momentarily. A few seconds of distraction can lead to an accident, with tragic consequences for the innocent bicyclist. Our mission is to provide you with access to the top attorneys in your area who specialize in your type of case, and ensure that you receive maximum compensation for your loss.


For many years, the network has successfully assisted thousands of victims in defending their rights and recovering compensation. Medical expenses, lost income, rehab, and pain and suffering are among the many things that need to be considered and documented when presenting your case. No matter what type of injury you have sustained, it is absolutely essential that you have experienced legal professionals who have the experience and ability to present your case and bring it to a successful resolution. At 1 800 411 PAIN Tallahassee FL, we are here for you.
If you or someone you know has been in a bicycle accident in Tallahassee, it is vital to obtain competent legal counsel as quickly as possible. The court requires specific documentation when considering your case, especially medical and rehabilitation expenses. We will provide you with access to legal professionals who will guide you through this complex process, enabling you to receive maximum compensation through negotiation and settlement. Don't take chances; call to speak to a qualified professional attorney who will defend your rights.



Every year, thousands of people are injured in auto collisions. In 2008, the number of fatal car accidents in Florida went up to 1,708! In fact, auto crashes are the leading cause of personal injury cases, the majority of which are caused by negligent or careless drivers. Some of the most common injuries from these type of accidents include concussions, head trauma, and broken bones. More serious injuries such as brain damage, neck and spinal cord injuries and even severed limbs are not uncommon. The terrible expense of necessary medical care, lengthy hospital stays and rehabilitation could easily crush the accident victim financially. Even worse is the possibility of being permanently disabled, unable to work yet requiring permanent ongoing medical care.


Call 411PAIN and let us refer you to one of our Tallahassee attorneys who will help you determine how much compensation you may be entitled to, including compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, and vehicle damage. The majority of motor vehicle collision law suits are based on the claim that the other driver was negligent. Some examples of negligent driving include sending or reading texts messages while driving, driving under the influence, or ignoring traffic signals.
We understand information about the hurt, pain and stress of being in an automobile wreck. From hit and run car accidents to rollover truck accidents, we strive to make sure you receive your just compensation after such a tragic event. It is important that you speak to an attorney as quickly as possible after your accident to learn your legal rights and what compensation you may be entitled to. We can give you access to the network of lawyers that will fight aggressively on your behalf and ensure that you receive the justice and compensation you deserve.

An Increase In Motorcycle Accidents In Tallahassee FL

411 Pain Florida found out that more of you are taking to the road on motorcycles in the State Capital area, and this spells more motorcycle accidents. Motorcyclists are at much greater risk of severe injury or even death because of the lack of protection, even with a helmet. Higher speeds are another factor contributing to the danger of motorcycle riding, but even at slower speeds, a motorcycle collision can be tragic.

Motorcycle Collision Statistics For Tallahassee Florida

Many drivers of other vehicles have a hard time seeing motorcycles due to their size and can fail to yield to them. Statistics for Florida's State Capital reveal that most motorcycle impacts occur due to another driver's negligence. If you are a cyclist that has been the victim of a motorcycle crash, you have the legal right to seek compensation for medical costs, inability to work, and damage to your vehicle.

Motorcycle Crash Victims Represented In Florida State Capital

When you call us after a motorcycle wreck, we review your information and will refer you to the appropriate medical and legal professionals who have experience handling accidents just like yours. 411-PAIN's recommended network of doctors and lawyers will make sure that you receive proper medical care and that you are well represented to receive the maximum compensation you are entitled to.
If you have been the victim of an impact on a motorcycle crash accident, Access to professional doctors and lawyers can help you anywhere in the Tallahassee Florida area.
411 Pain Florida locations include Broward and Palm Beach counties as well as the cities of Davie Florida , Hollywood , Weston, North Miami ,Fort Myers, the greater Tampa Bay area, Orlando, Gainesville and Jacksonville. If you or anyone you know has been involved in a motorcycle accident, after 911 call 411. 1-800-411-PAIN

Trucking Accidents Turn Deadly In Tallahassee

When any vehicle collides with a big rig, 18 wheeler, semi,or any large truck, it is the passengers of the other vehicle who suffer most because of the truck's excessive weight. The bulk of the truck protects the truck driver, but wreaks havoc on the unfortunate passengers of the other automotive vehicle. In 2010 there were 465 traffic accidents involving trucks in Leon County alone. Most often, the causes of these crashes include excessive speed, faulty equipment and improperly loaded cargo and faulty equipment.

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Each Halloween we giveaway free glow sticks to help children stay safe and provide a way for drivers to see kids of Halloween night. Visit our Free Glow Stick Giveaway Safety website here , or also listen to the 411 Pain song.

In A Truck Impact in Tallahassee?

Because the trucking industry is regulated by state and federal law, trucking accidents can be complicated. The trucking companies have their own lawyers to work on their behalf trying to minimize your claim. That's why it's so important to have knowledgeable experienced legal professionals on YOUR side! Let us refer you to a Tallahassee lawyer who specializes in the complex regulations governing the trucking industry. Your lawyer will be there with you to defend your rights and insure that you receive the maximum compensation based on the details of your case.

Rollover Accident Victims In Tallahassee

It has been widely reported that certain makes of SUV's are prone to rolling over. A primary reason is a major design flaw that makes the SUV tip over in high winds, going around a corner or even just turning at normal speeds. Many victims took legal action, which caused the makers of the vehicles to issue numerous recalls. If you or someone you know have been the victim of defective vehicle design, the network of lawyers is here to help you receive compensation for your suffering.
Sometimes rollovers are caused by an impact, especially a side collision. Many vehicles, especially SUVs, have a center of gravity located high on the vehicle, which causes them to be knocked over easily onto their side or even rolled upside down. Such impacts are not only highly likely to cause trauma, but can significantly increase the chances of sustaining a debilitating or even fatal injury. If you have been in such an accident, call 1.800.411.PAIN and let the network of attorneys discuss the facts of your case and determine if you are entitled to receive compensation.
411 Pain has helped many accident victims acquire fair and just compensation, including people in Davie, FL , Hollywood, Florida , Fort Lauderdale, Weston.

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